Los Angeles based noise-rock trio DEYSSI will be releasing their second album, $273.96, January 15, 2021 on Chain Letter Collective. Max Terlecki launched DEYSSI in 2014 and the band released their first EP in 2015 and first full-length album (Ten Persons, Ten Colors) in 2019. In the spring of 2020, the band’s three members gathered in a windowless concrete room inside an industrial building just outside of LA’s Chinatown neighborhood to record $273.96. The result: dark, improvisational chaos.

I spoke with Max about the band and the upcoming release of their second full-length album, $273.96. I highly recommend listening to DEYSSI if you’re into noisy, experimental, DIY, indie punk rock. Anyway, continue reading below for my interview with Max Terlecki of DEYSSI.