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Andy Jillson – Editor & Chief Photographer

Well, hello there! My name is Andy Jillson. I’m a freelance photographer, writer, and the editor/chief photographer of Hazy Eye Music Media. I started this music blog in September 2019 after about 5-6 years of practice photographing rock bands in my free time, and about 8 months of practice contributing to other active music blogs.

I started a music media outlet of my own so I could showcase my extreme love and passion for music and photography. I wanted to have a music blog that was fun, low stress, and didn’t require as much work as blogs.

I also started Hazy Eye Music Media so other talented and passionate concert photographers would have a music blog to show off their work as well. It’s just that simple. We are a small group of music lovers and photographers who generally cover shows around DC, MD, VA, and PA.

​I’ve easily attended over a thousand concerts throughout my life and have spent a ridiculous amount of time poring over rock music. My rock ‘n’ roll obsession began as child in the mid 80’s, and over the years some of my obsessive music fantasies have become realities.

The first few bands I ever photographed were Built to Spill, Guided by Voices, Dead Kennedys, The Flaming Lips, and Tame Impala. Since then I’ve been hooked on the photo pit. My hope is to expand my blog and improve my writing and photography skills.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If someone claims to represent Hazy Eye Music Media (HEMM), but IS NOT featured here on the “About Us” page as a contributor, then they DO NOT have authorization to represent HEMM in any way. Only the contributors/photographers listed below are legitimate representatives of HEMM. Hazy Eye Music Media is NOT responsible for the actions of impostors.

Jordan August – Contributor

Jordan A

My name is Jordan August. I started as a freelance photographer in Philadelphia, PA and currently reside in Pennsylvania, but Baltimore, MD is where I really where I got my start freelancing. I have years of experience shooting a variety of subjects and have never limited myself to one type or genre of photography. In the beginning, concert photography was just a way for me to combine two of my passions, taking photos and music. It was the perfect balance of work and play. That being said, I eventually realized that I could make a career out of it.

I exposed myself to the mainstream art scene in Baltimore and catapulted my brand into the forefront. I designed a unique logo to make my work recognizable. A year later that logo (a simple tree with my name, “Jordan August”) became the most sought after trademark of every local band. It took me some time to find my niche and create a name for myself in the industry, but it’s paid off. Concert photography has paved my path to success and become my area of expertise.

Now I’ve been given the opportunity and have the ability to expand my portfolio and creative outlets in ways I never thought possible. I’m able to travel all over the country for my clientele. It’s been almost a decade, 500+ concerts, 250+ bands, and countless hours of editing photos, but all my hard work has finally paid off. Jordan August Photography is officially a house hold name in fine art performance photography.

Abdullah Konte – Contributor

Abdullah Pic

My name is Abdullah Konte. I’m a professional photographer and I have a passion for capturing unique moments of all types. My event photography capabilities include concerts, sports games, corporate programs, weddings, and much more. I’m currently a house photographer for The Fillmore and cover shows for Live Nation as well.

I love concert photography, but also enjoy fashion, architecture, real estate, nature, and street photography. As someone who worked as an accountant for eight years, I do bring my own brand of professionalism and seriousness to my photographic work. My home base is the DC Metropolitan Area, although I travel for both work and personal adventures — capturing various sights as I pass by.

Brad Price – Contributor

Brad Pic

My name is Brad Price. I’m a freelance photographer residing in Maryland. What started as shooting my friends’ bands playing house shows in high school wound up becoming my strongest passion. I’ve been bringing my camera to shows since late 2017, and it’s added a whole new dimension to my concert experiences.

The first time I ever managed to get a camera into a show was J. Roddy Walston & the Business at Ottobar in Baltimore August 2017. October 2017 was the first time I actually had a photo pass to shoot a show, and that was for Metz at Rock & Roll Hotel in DC. I remember I texted my buddy saying, “This is what I want to do forever,” during the between-band smoke break.

After I figured out getting a photo pass was sometimes as easy as hitting up the band, I messaged the singer of my favorite band, Culture Abuse, and asked him if he could get me a pass. He did! In return, I baked the band a batch of cookies. I chatted with their singer, and was told I would be allowed into future shows. That really expanded my horizons. Now I’m trying continually working on obtaining photo passes and posting my work on a music blog.

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