Show Preview: Human Impact @ Metro Gallery 11/27/21 — Baltimore, MD

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Human Impact

Human Impact will be performing at Metro Gallery in Baltimore on 11/27/2021. Fuck yeah!!! This is the bands first tour and the anticipation is wonderfully nauseating. They are referred to as a “supergroup” for a damn good reason. The group is comprised of ex-Unsane, Swans, and Cop Shoot Cop members. Whoa!

Anyway, tickets for their show at Metro Gallery are available HERE. Also be sure to check out Human Impact’s bandcamp page. Continue reading below for more information.


Human Impact’s first recordings are a dark mirror held up to the band’s collective pre-history – the sound and story of Unsane, Swans, Cop Shoot Cop, and New York City itself. It’s sound is cinematic post-industrial filth rock, a dozen run down subway stops away from recognizable civilization, as futuristic as it is grounded in its sordid heritage. The result is a potent, hard-boiled distillation of this sonic ethos. Human Impact is the score to a challenging future fast approaching.

The story of Human Impact really begins with the mutual respect and admiration shared by four noise rock pioneers whose paths circled for nearly three decades, yet finally converged in 2018. The quartet—vocalist and guitarist Chris Spencer [Unsane], bassist Chris Pravdica [Swans, Xiu Xiu], keyboardist Jim Coleman [Cop Shoot Cop], and drummer Phil Puleo [Cop Shoot Cop, Swans]—manifest the potential of this union on their 2020 self-titled debut, Human Impact [Ipecac Records].

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Underpinned by guitar grind, industrial buzz, and unnervingly catchy vocal transmissions, these ten tracks ebb flow between intense instrumental insurgency and hypnotic harmonies. Human Impact initially introduced themselves with the single “November,” which Rolling Stone declared, “When it’s done you feel as though you’ve been through a meat grinder, and in the case of a band like Human Impact, that’s a good thing.”

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Stream the albums Human Impact and EP01 on Spotify:

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