Concert Review: GWAR @ The Diamond “Drive-In” 10/10/20 — Richmond, VA

GWAR (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Holy shit! GWAR played their first drive-in concert in the parking lot of The Diamond in Richmond, VA on 10/10/20, and I was fortunate enough to be there for my first parking lot show as well. The band’s performance was top notch and included all the horrific thrills and chills you would expect from these intergalactic metal gods — blood, guts, and senseless rock ‘n’ roll obscenity. I loved every second of it.

Continue reading below for my full concert review and more photos. Concert review and all photos by Andy Jillson.

GWAR (Photo by Andy Jillson)
Blothar the Berserker (Photo by Andy Jillson)

That’s right! Richmond’s own intergalactic metal gods took over The Diamond in their hometown and made an absolute bloody mess of the place. It’s a miracle I was able to take all these shots while constantly being blasted with bloods, guts, and other bodily fluids. I came to the show prepared, but still left completely soaked in red and green rain. The show was pure metal ecstasy.

I attended GWAR’s early show and was given access to shoot most of their first set. The sound in the parking lot was actually amazing, lighting was on point, and the band were obviously well-rehearsed and having a blast playing live once again. I took several good shots of the band, but was also rocking out and shredding along with the rest of the bohabs in the socially-distanced audience.

GWAR are currently in the midst of the 30th anniversary celebration of Scumdogs of the Universe. In addition to the two drive-in sets, the celebration includes the release of 30th anniversary editions of their classic metal album, Scumdogs of the Universe. The band’s early set on October 10th included performances of several songs off the album.

GWAR has also recently announced that they are hosting a virtual concert, Scumdogs XXX Live, where they will be performing their beloved, sophomore album, Scumdogs of the Universe, just in time for its 30th birthday. Hooray!!!

GWAR are promising special guests and a fully uncensored experience. This special event is just in time for Halloween too, on Friday, October 30 at 8 PM ET, with a preshow starting at 6 PM ET. Tickets for and exclusive merch packages for this virtual concert are on sale now. This uncensored GWAR concert will be streamed live only at

Singer/bassist “Blothar the Berserker” had this to say; “We always wanted to do a concert without an audience in the room,” Blōthar the Berserker says. “The audience is always the worst part. Well, that and the fact that we’re constantly being attacked by a bunch of assholes while we try to get through a set. Man, I hope none of those old school dicks show up to rain on our glorious parade.”

Get tickets and exclusive show merch at
GWAR’s virtual concert is presented by Liquid Death and Metal Injection. This show will be available on demand until November 15th. Miss it at your peril!

Here are more shots of GWAR performing at The Diamond in Richmond, VA on 10/10/20. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson/Hazy Eye Music Media.

Don’t miss GWAR’S virtual performance of Scumdogs of the Universe: Scumdogs XXX Live! Get tickets and exclusive show merch at

Stream Scumdogs of the Universe on Spotify:

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