Photo Flashback: Ministry @ Giant Center 11/6/19 — Hershey, PA

Ministry @ Giant Center (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Ministry performed at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania on November 6, 2019 — and I, Andy Jillson, was there losing my shit and rocking out in the photo pit with one of my all-time favorite artists. Holy shit! Ministry played a classic set of songs from their late 80’s and early 90’s catalog. This was a dream show for me. Continue reading below for more photos from the show. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Ministry @ Giant Center (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Slayer are out on their Final Campaign tour of North America, and Ministry was there performing as one of the opening acts. This was my third time seeing Ministry this year, but my first time seeing them perform in an arena. The arena rock experience is much different than the small club rock show, especially with a band like Ministry. Nonetheless, the band delivered the industrial goods and blew the crowd away.

Al Jourgensen and company blasted through a short set of some of my favorite Ministry songs. The sad, confused, angry and angst-ridden teenager inside me had another cathartic spiritual awakening upon hearing the opening songs of the bands set. I literally jumped for joy and screamed along with Uncle Al for the first three songs of their set. It was fucking amazing.

Frontman Al Jourgensen said to the crowd, “we’re gonna play some old ones for you tonight.” Everyone in attendance cheered and rejoiced upon hearing that opening statement, including me. Noteworthy songs played by Ministry included; “The Missing,” “Deity,” “Stigmata,” “Supernaut,” “Thieves,” “Just One Fix,” “N.W.O.,” and “Jesus Built My Hotrod.”

I would highly suggest seeing Ministry in concert if possible. The band is looking and sounding great. Be sure to check the Official Ministry Website for all remaining tour dates and other info about the band.

Here are some more photos of Ministry performing at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania on November 6, 2019. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson/Hazy Eye Music Media.

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