Show Preview: Andy Frasco & The U.N. @ The Fillmore 10/30/19 — Philadelphia, PA

Andy Frasco
Andy Frasco 2019

Andy Frasco & The U.N. have confirmed several fall tour dates this year and I, Jordan August, will be covering the band’s performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 30, 2019. The band’s fall run started with three nights opening for Greensky Bluegrass. Not bad! The band is out there on the road headlining a series of dates in the Northeast. Frasco recently announced shows in Philadelphia on October 30, Baltimore on November 2, and in Milwaukee on December 6, 2019. Continue reading below for full show preview by Jordan August.

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Andy Frasco & The U.N.

Be sure to check Andy Frasco & The U.N.’s Official Website for all remaining tour dates, music, merch, and more information about the band.

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Andy Frasco & The U.N. are an American blues rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2007. The band consists of Andrew Frasco (lead vocals, keys), Ernie Chang (saxophone), Shawn Eckels (guitar, vocals), and a consistently rotating and evolving cast of additional band members. Additional featured members of the U.N. include; Daniel Avila (guitar), Andee Avila (drums, vocals), Supa Man (bass guitar), Kris Lager (guitar, vocals), Jeremiah Weir (organ, keys), Jelmer Olsman (bass guitar), Brandon Miller (bass guitar), Matt Owen (tuba), Niels Kant (trumpet), Arno Bakker ( trombone, sousaphone), and John Fairchild (drums).

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The band’s sound has been described as “feel good blues-rock fueled by reckless abandonment and a disregard for the rules, and witty lyrics to back it all up.” The band’s live performances have been described as a “boisterous blend of harmonic funk and jazzy influences, all topped with boundless energy” To date, the band has released six studio albums Love, You’re Just Too Expensive (2010), Road Life Revival (2012), Just a Good Ole Time (2013), Half a Man (2014), Happy Bastards (2016), and Change of Pace (2019).

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When it comes to an Andy Frasco show, one thing is certain…nothing. You never know what to expect. His high energy antics and buzzing stage presence instantly have you forgetting about any and all negativity going on in the world. His music and positive vibes allow you to just simply enjoy the party.

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I remember the first time I was introduced to Andy Frasco’s music. I was in a car with a friend on our way to DOMEFEST in 2018 to cover Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. We started listening to Frasco’s “World Saving Podcast,” and I couldn’t believe the content that was filtering through my ears and hitting me straight in my funny bone. This man has no filter, AT ALL! It was like all the weird and inappropriate things I would think in my head were coming right out of his mouth for the world to hear.

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Following my discovery of Andy Frasco & The UN., I began messaging the band and encouraging/motivating them to The 8×10 in Baltimore. A few months later, BOOM! His named popped up on the event calendar. The band’s live shows are something that NEED to be experienced in person.

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Listening to an album, watching a video or hearing a story does not do the band justice. The amount of passion and individuality Frasco and company express during each song in unmatched. I strongly advise buying yourself a couple tickets to one of their shows (take a friend!). I’ll be in the photo pit at The Fillmore in Philadelphia on October 10, 2019. It’s going to be a musical party you don’t want to miss. Click HERE to view Andy Frasco & The U.N.’s tour dates and purchase tickets. Hope to see lots of people in Philly!

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Stream these two great Andy Frasco & The U.N. albums on Spotify:

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